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Green Machine Safe Services
I am a safecracker, a professional safe technician. I love safes and have invested alot of time and money to keep up to date with all the latest tools and training to open  and repair your safe. Gun safes, burglary-rated safes, high security safes, fire safes, and antique safes, ATM's. I open them all. I am trusted with the task of servicing, opening, and repairing safes for the largest grocery store chains, restaurants and retail outlets throughout Middle TN. Is your safe getting hard to open, or are you locked out? Home or Business. Call us for help615-854-9550  Emergency service is available now! Member of the National Safeman Organization, Clearstar Security Network and SAVTA (Safe and Vault Technicians association)
Need to change a combination?
Worried about someone having the combination to the safe in your home or business?Get it changed, get security, and  attain peace of mind.           615-854-9550

Electronic Lock Upgrades
Want to replace your old spin-dial combination lock? We can bring you into the 21st century with an electronic lock. We offer many choices of electronic locks for your gun safe, fire safe, or burglary-rated safe. You will be amazed by how quick and easy opening your safe will be, without compromising security! Call for a quote 615-854-9550. Tired of remembering combinations? You can now open your safe with your fingerprint! Call for more information

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